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Support Letter April – May 2009

Dear Supporter: 

Revival is a revealing look at the ebb and flow of how spiritually things really are in the churches of our country.  As I travel our homeland and abroad, I have been able to observe a 35 year look of the diverse circumstances and character that surrounds our local New Testament Bible believing Baptist churches.  There has been a trend of modernism and liberalism creeping in and taking over and literally strangling the life of revival from the pews of our churches.  We have left out practical, fundamental, Biblical doctrines and practices of our faith.  There is a dark secret concerning worldly change in some of our Fundamental Baptist churches today.  The King James Bible is being excused away as just another version and not God’s Word.  There is more preaching on being devoted and consecrated to the church policy than there is Biblical separation and godly standards that few preach about anymore.  Most of our churches look no different than the American culture that has been changed by Hollywood and has affected our pulpits.  Many churches no longer schedule revival meetings, but social programs to pay off their debt and to fill up their bank accounts.  Often church memberships are no longer being increased by soul winning and the baptistry, but rather has become a microcosm of everybody’s church members moving their memberships through proselyte programs. 

I thank God for churches that still believe in revivals and the old time religion, and for preachers who preach from the King James Bible as the Word of God instead of philosophy. I thank God for those who keep the faith instead of compromise, and for those who rely more on soul winning, than swapping church members.  My prayer for today’s churches is that of Habakkuk 3:2, “O Lord, I have heard thy speech, and was afraid:  O Lord, revive thy work in the midst of the years, in the midst of the years make known; in wrath remember mercy.” 

Since I last reported to you about our revival meetings, I have been in three churches in Ohio, two churches in West Virginia, and I preached at churches in Wisconsin, Maryland, Pennsylvania, and in Texas.  God has been gracious and we have seen results with His power and blessing.  In one revival on a Friday night, it took an hour and half for the altar workers to finish with the people who walked down the aisle resulting in many salvations, baptisms and full-time service commitments.  Recently on the last night of the meeting, I was preaching on Ruth and Naomi.  A lady walked forward holding her mother-in-law by the hand as she came forward to be saved.  I thought to myself, “Here comes Naomi and Ruth”!  Praise God for how He tends to the needs of everyone under the sound of the Gospel.  What a privilege it is to hold revival meetings week after week, and seeing people saved and baptized in the local churches.

I want to ask you to continue praying for our National God Save America Revival Conference to be held November 9-12, 2009, at the Mount Pisgah Baptist Church in Oliver Springs, TN, with Pastor Garvan Walls as the host pastor.   The guest speakers are:  Dr. Larry Brown, Dr. Jeff Fugate, Dr. Clyde Gilman, Dr. Bobby Roberson, Dr. Clarence Sexton and I.  The youth speakers are:  Dr. Oliver Araiza, Dr. Gary Lovens, and Pastor Randy Taylor, Jr.  There will be various area churches to conduct their choirs at the God Save America Conference and also at the Next Generation Youth Conference such as:  Liberty Baptist Church, Pastor Randy Griffis; Salem Baptist Church, Pastor Ted Clower; Mount Pisgah Baptist Church, Pastor Garvan Walls; North Rockwood Baptist Church, Pastor Benny Whittenbarger; and the Harriman Baptist Tabernacle Youth Choir, Pastor James Jones.  I hope you will mark your calendar and make plans to come.  We will be sending out a brochure soon and advertising in the Revival Fires! paper. 

Thank you and please pray for us as we strive to continue holding revivals in churches across America. 

Because He lives,
Dr. Randy E. Taylor


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