Gospel Net Publications

A publication ministry influencing thousands of Christians to stay faithful and effective in serving and soul winning in their local church. Books, CDs, pamphlets, tracts, manuals, etc. are printed to challenge, motivate, and give practical insights to effective service for our Lord, addressing all aspects of Christian service from the pulpit to the pew.

The following books are already in print:

  • “Be saved without delay” (tract)
    “Soul winner’s Census Handbook”
    “Amen Section” – now in second printing
  • “Let’s Have a Revival”
    “God’s Plan for the Home” – now in its third printing
    A catalog of hundreds of sermons on CD
    “The Altar Call”
The Truth About Saving RepentanceRepentance is more than one, two, three. Many are confused about what the Bible teaches on the doctrine of repentance. Dr. Taylor, very carefully and scripturally, explains this vital subject.

God’s Plan For The Home

What does God require in a REAL Christian home? Find out in this timely booklet that is full of Biblically based advice and instruction.

Song of Solomon – “The Love of God”

Dr. Taylor opens the truths of this great Bible book and thrills the reader with the greatness of the love of God. This is a great study tool for the book of Song of Solomon.

My Personal Altar

Dr. Taylor shares with you his personal method of Bible study and prayer. This booklet will help you develop and maintain a close walk with God and a deep love for the Word of God.

Soul-Winners Census Handbook “A Personal Soul Winners Guide.”

1. How to use a continual census program, collect prospects, organize, and visit for the next service.
2. The method taught to me by Evangelist Dr. Joe M. Boyd.
3. Contains new material on how to treat a new convert.
4. The handbook is easy to understand and the plan is easy to use.
5. Now in its second printing, over 10,000 sold!

Dr. Taylor’s Three Tape Series

Powerful sermons on CD arranged by topic
and placed in an attractive binder.

Saving Faith
Soul Winning
Christian Living

Except Ye Repent by Dr. J. Frank Norris ($5)

On this CD hear the father of modern fundamentalism preach on the doctrine of repentance.

Preserving the Preachers from the Past ($10)

Classic Voices of Fundamentalism. Narrated by Paul Harvey & Bud Lyles.

In a day of uncertainty and moral decline America Needs …

The Altar Call
by Dr. Randy Taylor

Read as Dr. Taylor sounds a clear call to return to the altar.

Now In Its Second Printing!

The Amen Section
by Dr. Randy Taylor

Fiery Sermons that will warm and stir your heart.

Don’t read this book if you do not love old-fashioned preaching.
Don’t read this book if you do not love soul winning.
Don’t read this book if you are not a fundamentalist.
Don’t read this book if you do not love the local church.
Don’t read this book if you do not love the King James Bible.
Don’t read this book if you do not  care about raising up a new generation of old-fashioned fundamentalists.
BUT if that is what you love, then this book is for you !!


A manual on REVIVAL by Dr. Randy E. Taylor

For over a quarter of a century Dr. Randy Taylor has been actively involved in revivals. His experience in revivals and conferences in large churches as well as small churches gives him a unique perspective on how to conduct these meetings.
In this manual Dr. Taylor gives practical plans and training on what works. These methods and truths will help to prepare your church to not have just a meeting but truly have revival.

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