Letters to Supporters – January 2014

Dear Brother Lousley:

It would take 65 days after leaving the port at Plymouth, England, for William Bradford and a small group of passengers on the Mayflower Ship to see the land of the new world for the first time. After all those days of stormy seas, their voyage was a notorious success. It was a beautiful late fall morning, Thursday, November 9, 1620. The Mayflower’s passengers were joyful as they saw a goodly land and wooded to the brink of the sea. After much decision making, they settled after searching and making landfall at Plymouth Rock. This would be the future site of Plymouth Plantation. This would be the New England. Roger Williams later would create a haven for Baptists composed of the early colonies. The reason for leaving the motherland to sacrifice so much was for religious freedom from the tyranny and oppression of state-run religion in England during those days.

God provided a new world, a new land, and a new era in a time of oppression for the gospel to be propagated around the world. It was, and I believe still is, America. This generation needs to rekindle that flame once again to make good of the command of the gospel to reach lost souls here and abroad, to make a better hedge of protection against those who oppose the gospel and the freedom of religion. I trust that this year will be one of more souls reached for Christ and more church growth as a result of our obedience to God’s Great Commission in our communities.

In December, it was such a joy to be with Dr. Bob Ross and Open Door Baptist Church of Mesquite, TX, for TAYLOR-MADE SUNDAY. What an honor it was to preach with my sons Randy, Jr., and Ryan. Also, that month, I preached for Pastor Todd Lasseter and Trinity Baptist Church of Arlington, TX; Pastor Jeff York and Lakeland Baptist Church of Ft. Worth, TX; and Pastor Adam Thompson and Capitol City Baptist Church of Austin, TX. My wife, Donna, and I were with the Capitol City Baptist Church on the Sunday of their Christmas Music Celebration. This first class program was spectacular.

Thank you for your continued prayers and financial support to help the many ministries of Randy Taylor Revivals to reach the lost for Christ. We still believe in revival and we are still holding the line of old-time Fundamental, Independent, Bible-believing Baptists.

Because He lives,

Dr. Randy E. Taylor

September/October 2013

Dear Friends and Supporters:

One of the greatest privileges in the past 38 years in evangelism is being a part of someone else’s ministry during a revival meeting that you know and love so well.  For 20 years, Dr. Preston Judd and his wife, Kathy, and their three daughters served here at Mt. Salem Revival Grounds.  Many of those years he was the pastor of our church, Mt. Salem Baptist Church.  Now he pastor’s the New Life Baptist Church of Walker, MI.  He has a wonderful church family and a beautiful church auditorium and buildings.  I was invited to preach a five day meeting on stewardship and missions.  I enjoyed the time and fellowship we had together and appreciated the hunger that Pastor Judd’s people have for the Lord.  Dr. Judd has always had a big heart and a giving heart and he would do almost anything for anybody.  God blessed in a wonderful way and we had a great meeting with God’s people.  When the meeting was over, Pastor Judd told me that he and two men, Brother John Powell and his son, would be coming the next week to Mt. Salem Revival Grounds to help us install a septic system and utilities for a building project that we are undergoing for the new boys’ staff house.  They accomplished this project in the most professional way and I just want to say how grateful I am for friends like this.  They also did a complete excavation job on the land site.

I also had the privilege to go to Chubiak, AK, to attend a church that I had a small part in starting over 30 years ago.  There I found Pastor Tim Page of the Bible Baptist Church faithful after all these years.  When the founding pastor resigned and left the church, Brother Page became the pastor and has been there for 25 years faithful to the Lord.  The way to fulfill the will of God for your life is to be found faithful and diligent to your call.  How I thank God for faithful people.

I want to invite you to this year’s National God Save America Revival Conference November 11-13, 2013.  It will be held in Lexington, KY, at Clays Mill Road Baptist Church.  Dr. Jeff Fugate and I will be co-hosting the conference.  What a beautiful place to come and attend the conference.  Lexington’s byways and highways, like the spokes of an old wheel, connect to a host of historic, scenic, quaint, exciting, pastoral, beautiful and peaceful places to enjoy.  In conjunction with this conference, there will also be a Next Generation Youth Conference.

Continue to pray for me as I am on the trail of evangelism in revivals across the country.

May the Lord bless your faithfulness to Him.  Thank you for your prayers and financial support.

Because He lives,

Dr. Randy E. Taylor

Bible Baptist Church Chubiak, AK

Bible Baptist Church
Chubiak, AK


Pastor Preston Judd Walker, MI

Pastor Preston Judd
Walker, MI

New site for boys’ staff dorm

New site for boys’ staff dorm


Dr. Preston Judd and men

Dr. Preston Judd
and men

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