Support Letter for October/November 2011

Dear Friends and Supporters:

Our highest priority as Christians is to get people saved and to glorify God.  Revival is the need of the hour in America for individuals, families, and churches. In the last five churches I have been in, the Lord has allowed us to see over 50 saved.  This week while I was at a dentist appointment in Panorama City, CA, I was able to lead two of the dental assistants to Christ.  My dentist, Dr. Yvonne Arafiles who is a great witness for Him, had sowed good seeds and together we reaped a harvest!

The National God Save America Revival Conference was a blessing and a powerful conference.  Every preacher had the right message.  The Courtyard Marriott in downtown Ft. Wayne, IN, was beautiful and perfect for our nightly meeting place.  The New Heights Baptist Church and Dr. Gary Lovens were gracious hosts in every way.  There was nothing left undone or uncovered.  There were many wonderful friends and visitors from the surrounding states.  I was also very proud of the Randy Taylor Revivals team who worked tirelessly for months on the conference.

We must never give up on this national endeavor for revival.  Please pray for all of our ministries and thank you for your continued financial support.   If my people, which are called by my name, shall humble themselves, and pray, and seek my face, and turn from their wicked ways, then will I hear from heaven, and will forgive their sin, and will heal their land (II Chronicles 7:14).

I hope you and your family have a wonderful Thanksgiving season.

Because He lives,

Dr. Randy E. Taylor


Support Letter for August/September 2011

Dear Supporter:

None of us want to receive that phone call bearing heartbreaking news. But on September 16th, I received word from my youngest brother, Greg, that our sister, Cindy, did not survive a massive heart attack. Cindy was my oldest sister and she would have been 56 on October 30th. Cindy and her husband, George Bicknell, were faithful members at Open Door Baptist Church of Mesquite, TX. Cindy loved singing in the church choir. She was a loving and kind sister to our family. I know George and their children, Joshua Bicknell and Katrina Sigstad, would appreciate your prayers at this time. My sister, Cindy, will be sorely missed.

On a happier note, just a few days later on Saturday, September 24th, our son, Ryan, married Katie Johnson. Their wedding was held in her hometown of Ft. Wayne, IN, at the New Heights Baptist Church. Donna and I are very happy for Ryan and Katie as they plan their new lives together. They will be residing at Mt. Salem Revival Grounds.

In August, I held a revival meeting with Pastor Dennis Morrello and the Lighthouse Baptist Church of Huntington, WV. They also held a vacation Bible school for the children during the meeting. There were over 70 people saved that week. Since that meeting, my travels have taken me to one church in Pennsylvania, two churches in Ohio, two churches in New Hampshire, one in Maine, and one church in Indiana.

Enclosed is a flier of the soon coming National God Save America Revival Conference. The evening services will be held at the Courtyard Marriott in downtown Ft. Wayne, IN. The morning services will be at the New Heights Baptist Church. The morning services include The Next Generation Youth Conference. If you are a pastor with a Christian school, please make plans to bring your teens to the morning services. We have some dynamic speakers that I know will challenge your young people.

I want to personally invite you to come and be a part of this revival endeavor. I trust that many of you would consider sponsoring of the God Save America Revival Conference by financially supporting the revival. I cannot think of a better way to invest in eternity than to have a part of revival in America. Most importantly, please pray for this conference, for those who attend, and for our nation that God would revive us again. Enclosed is a special envelope for the conference. Please make your check to Randy Taylor Revivals, Inc. with a notation that it is designated to the God Save America Conference.

God bless each one of you and I hope to see you in Ft. Wayne, IN, November 7-11, 2011.

Because He lives,

Dr. Randy E. Taylor

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